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"individual - friendly - cozy"

The 252, under Swiss management, has opened its doors in June 2010 and with the help of Tendance Khmere© has set a new standard of Boutique hotels in Cambodia.

Cleanliness, friendliness, professionalism and quality are our top priorities. In order to constantly improve our services, we provide continuing education and skill enhancement to our employees, whom we genuinely recognize as our most important asset.

It is our aim to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. If you have any special request, do not hesitate to contact us. It would be a pleasure to welcome you during your next stay in Phnom Penh.

Tendance Khmere©
Traditional know-how and sophistication are the key words of this brand which presents a sublime range of products in subtle colours and of elegant finishing. The collection combines traditional handmade silk and cotton from the Khmer Kingdom, Thailand, Korea and India with contemporary Parisian French Design. The result is luscious!

Tendance Khmere is designed by Flavien Lambert who live in Phnom Penh. All the products are manufactured in their workshop in Phnom Penh with his local sewers.

Feel free to visit their shop at 4A Street 278 in Phnom Penh close to the 252. The collection is also available in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

Organisation and educational programs for children
The realities of local life and the daily challenges and hardships faced by those with limited opportunities can be overcome with support and encouragement from those who are fortunate enough to assist.

There are many well run and regulated organisation and educational programs for children in and around Phnom Penh. The 252 is in connections with a few of them and the staff will be happy to give you more information if you are interested in direct contribution to those in need.

Small things to throw in your suitcase which bring a lot of joy
Tennis balls, skipping ropes, yo-yos, squeaky toys, coloring books and pencils, hair ribbons, matchbox cars - and anything else that will fit!